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A quick "Who's Who" guide to those crazy kids.

Agatha "Aggie" Ferrigan
Aggie seems to be mildly frustrated even when at rest. As the oldest of nine children, and with parents who are typically either physically or mentally absent, household burdens fall onto her shoulders. She associates with unsavory romantic pursuits, much to the chagrin of her friends, particularly Clarabelle.

Clarabelle "Cal" Galen
Clarabelle is a friendly young woman who takes great pride in her domestic prowess. She has a driving desire to please everyone, which can sometimes lead to unhealthy fixations on individuals who manage to evade her. Family is a great priority to her, and she holds her parents in very high esteem.

Joseph Harper
Despite a childhood injury that damaged his legs and left him much shorter than his peers, Joseph is an extroverted and gregarious young man who thrives as the center of attention. Although he usually looks out for his friends’ best interests, his tendency to be selfish or spiteful can sometimes hurt those closest to him, especially Cecilia, Tony, and Eddie.

Ulysses "Uly" Harper
Currently serving in the U.S. Army, Ulysses is a gentle soul with occasional bizarre worries (such as whether his parents are renting his bed to homeless people while he’s abroad). He is pleasant and generally well-liked, though a bit timid around women. He is very concerned with and protective of his younger brother, Joseph.

Anthony "Tony" Marconi
Tony is a pleasant and agreeable fellow who aspires to be a famous reporter. Currently he works at The Rhinestone, the local movie theater. This allows him to watch and rewatch the matches of his favorite boxer, George “The Ripper” Ripton. Tony also happens to be a hopeless romantic- literally hopeless, as he has yet to succeed in any of his romantic endeavors.

Edward "Eddie" Schuyler
Eddie is the tallest of all his friends and just about all of the people he has ever met. However, his self-conscious and doubting nature makes him wish he were less physically ostentatious. Eddie is fiercely loyal to his friends, but there are also a few other things in life that give him great joy and comfort- his piano, his cigarettes, and his car.

Marie Thayer
Marie is best described as “odd.” Her idiosyncratic behavior is sometimes done in order to get attention, but it would appear that she might just naturally be that way, due to how consistent her demeanor is. Her view of reality is skewed by a stubborn, optimistic insistence that everything will turn out well in the end. This causes frustration for her companions since she tends to be wrong.

Cecilia Wolfram
As the only child of the wealthiest family in Wallwater, Cecilia has a peculiar habit of being quite modest about her fortune. Her on-and-off relationship with Joseph takes a toll on her self-esteem, which already vacillates on its own due to her unfeminine appearance and discomfort among members of her social class.

Other Persons of Importance

Leon Solomon
Leon sometimes hangs out with Tony, Joseph, and Eddie. He works with Tony at The Rhinestone.

Pearl Ravenscroft
Pearl was the lead actress in Wallwater High School’s production of “The Follies of Missus Wentworth.”

Gerald "Gerry" O'Toole
Gerry is Pearl’s best friend, who played the role opposite her in the production.

Mr. Butler
Mr. Butler is the anger-prone drama teacher at Wallwater High School.

Mr. Harper
Ulysses and Joseph's father.

Mrs. Harper
Ulysses and Joseph's mother.

Frank is Uly’s childhood best friend. The two ran a lawn care business for a few summers before they parted ways, as Uly went to high school and Frank worked to support his family.

Kelly Madison
The talked-about but rarely seen Kelly Madison went on a few dates with Clarabelle toward the end of the summer before their senior year in high school. Clarabelle had a hard time letting go of him, and even months later still seems to hope that he will change his mind.

Dr. and Mrs. Galen
Clarabelle’s parents. Dr. Galen performed the surgeries to fix Joseph’s legs.

George Ripton
George Ripton is a midweight boxer. He is Tony’s idol.

Miles is the Wolframs' butler.

Betsy is the Wolframs' maid.

Teddy Ferrigan
Aggie's youngest sibling.

Elsie Ferrigan
Aggie's oldest younger sister.

Oliver Thayer
One of Marie's many brothers.

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